Feb 26, 2013

The Lonely Position

By Lloyd Yaxley

I guess the best way to start this blog is to briefly introduce myself and to give you all a taster of what to expect from my blog in the future!

Myself- i played as a Goalkeeper in England floating around the Semi-Pro scene, then went into coaching. I've worked with some great coaches and have always tried to be a sponge and soak up any information or drills that they have to share. I'm now coaching within a few of the Youth clubs in Northern Virginia helping develop their Goalkeepers, I'm also really excited about the new women's league the NWSL where I will be the Goalkeeper coach for the Washington Spirit and am really looking forward to putting our keepers through their paces!

So the taster......"The Lonely Position"
No its not the lone striker taking all the glory from a long ball rounding the keeper and scoring on the counter attack, Its the player lying on the floor as the size 10's stumble past them and slip the ball into the net.....Yes the Goalkeeper!

Anyone who has played in this position will have experienced feelings and emotions many other players have not; anyone who has watched the game will have jeered at the opponents Goalkeeper as the ball slips through their hands for what should have been a routine save!

This is why the position is lonely - it is a individual sport being played within a team sport -
There are plenty of lows being a Goalkeeper but I would take all those lows every day for the feeling you get when the crowd, opponents, even your team mates think the ball is hitting the back of the net and you manage to get the slightest touch on the ball to deflect it onto the goalpost!

Just look at Joe Hart these past weekends, against Southampton made a blunder even his manager calls him out and then this past weekend against Chelsea with the game at 0-0 he gives away a penalty, look at his team mates thinking "Joe what are you doing!!!" Twelve yards out Frank Lampard 1-0 Chelsea but NO....Fantastic agility from Hart to get his hand down and make a huge save.... some may say a Match winning save as it changed the game!

Throughout my blog I want to examine Goalkeeping mentality, show you guys some highlights and maybe some blunders, but mainly keeping Virginia updated on the individuals that play "The Lonely Position". Tweet me @GKeepersUnited with your feedback or any areas you would like me to discuss within the blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read my short intro look forward to delving further into the mystical position that is the Goalkeeper