Oct 28, 2010

Tony DiCicco Correct to Blame youth Coaches and Programs

By Chris Wimmer 

For any fan of US Soccer, specifically the US Women's National team, the name Tony DiCicco holds plenty of clout. So, when L.E. Eisenmenger of the U.S. Soccer Examiner posted her interview with highly respected former USWNT head coach Tony DiCicco where he gave his blunt evaluation of player development in the United States many fans, coaches, and bloggers paid attention.

The interview (HERE) was sent out throught the Twitter-verse immediately and reposted by many soccer sites. The issues DiCicco brought to light, lack of player intelligence and technical ability do not come as a suprise to many soccer fans in our country I was reminded of how far down the problem has trickled down. At a club soccer game this past June I noticed the same "stud athlete" DiCicco pointed to as the prototypical player that youth coaches and programs have begun to cater to.

Following is my article on the lack of proper development within youth soccer and why, as it turns out, it may be an issue that could wind up costing the dominant USWNT there top spot in international soccer.

The beautiful game, not always so beautiful at the youth travel level
by: Chris Wimmer
June 8, 2010

You've surely seen this unfold on a local soccer field near you.  You head over to your kids soccer game prepared to see how much skill and technique your player has earned from all their hard spent hours at practice and not to mention your money and precious free time, only to have to see a game against "that team" or a team with with "that player".

You know the one I'm talking about, little or no soccer skills but completely willing to push and shove their way to the goal regardless of who is in their way. Use of arms and elbows are usually the 'weapons' of choice. Most often that same team has "that coach" who has decided that his voice is so amazing that every player should hear him bark directions nonstop the entire game.

Now it comes as no surprise especially at the youth level to come across a player who is bigger or faster or even more aggressive possibly even all of these attributes combined. And of course there is nothing wrong with being any or all of these things on the soccer field.  My objection comes from the coaches and parents who stunt the development of these players into better soccer players by simply teaching them to "muscle" their way past the other team.

The short sightedness of encouraging this player or team to continue to rely on there physical attribute or aggressive play leads to an underdeveloped player. After a few years pass, the rest of the players in the age group who have been focusing on skill and technique year in and year out eventually grow into their bodies and end up catching up to there counterparts. 

The result is a once "athletic" and dominant player and/or team who has never been asked to develop soccer specific skills and ability gets left behind.

Lets be honest as coaches and parents it is great to see our players succeed and win games or even win tournaments but is that the only objective of youth soccer or sports in general.  Of course not, but this cycle of win now by any means possible seems to never fail in repeating itself. 

I like to think in terms of the school yard bully.  At first all others are afraid of the bully,then one kid gets sick of being bullied and fights back, beats the bully and takes away his mystique of invincibility.

As coaches and fans of the Beautiful Game we have a responsibility to our players and the next generation to teach them what it is that has led soccer to be called the Beautiful game. It is not beautiful because the biggest, strongest, meanest players or teams always win rather the players with the most amazing footwork, awareness, and finesse such as the most popular names to ever play soccer like Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Ronoldinho, Messi, and Ronaldo CR9 (my favorite current player to watch).

I would rather watch this:

As opposed to this:

I prefer the beautiful version, I'm just saying.

Oct 27, 2010

VYSA Soccer Across America Fiesta a Success

VYSA held a Soccer Across America Fiesta hosted by Springfield Youth Soccer this past weekend.  It was a wonderful success for players.  There was even a special guest appearance by the Washington Freedom mascot, Glory.

With the assistance of Springfield Youth Soccer, the event was a great success with great weather, good music, lots of soccer, and much fun. Thanks VYSA co-chairs, Marcelo Gangotena and Steve Bender, for their hard work and organization in setting up this wonderful event.

Check out VYSA on Facebook to learn more about the event and get updates on what is happening in VYSA throughout the year.

Oct 26, 2010

Indoor Goalkeeper Traininng from 247GK

One or our sponsors: 247GK has announced their upcomming Indoor Goalkeeper Training.

All information is included in the presentation below.

Oct 25, 2010

Abby Wambach on ESPN Sports Center (Video)

Abby Wambach: Qualifying And Hot Dogs
Abby Wambach stops by SportsCenter to talk World Cup qualifying and her appearance in the Not Top 10


Check out ESPN.com interview with Abby Wambach by: Jacqueline Purdy -

Talking shop with Abby Wambach

Virginia Soccer Player Collects Cleats for Zimbabwe

Associated Press
10/25/10 4:10 AM EDT

RADFORD, VA.Brian Gwanzura, who was playing soccer as a tot, did not wear the proper shoes for that sport until he was 12 years old.

Brian Gwanzura of Radford Men's Soccer

If that sounds risky to you, just wait until you hear what the typical local pitch back home in Zimbabwe looked like.

"These fields were like these rocks," he said, kicking the gravel underfoot with a like-new size 11 soccer shoe.

He was strolling down a crushed stone path on Radford University's pastoral campus one recent afternoon, bound for the Highlanders practice field hard by the banks of the sparkling New River. The field on which he and his teammates would prepare for their next game was one long, smooth, dandelion-free, thick carpet of the richest deep green grass.

Gwanzura, a redshirt sophomore, had never seen anything like it until he arrived here as a soccer recruit.
Back home, he'd not once played on a field that included substantially more than dirt and rocks. Sometimes the field was a broken city street. He'd never worn a pair of soccer shoes all his own.
"My parents never bought me any shoes," he said.

There were other, more pressing family purchases to make such as food and fuel for cooking. Gwanzura and his soccer-playing pals were typical. If there were any shoes at all, they were shared by many. The same shoes might be worn in three different games by three different players all in the same afternoon.

They wore what they had, regardless of size and condition.

"If they were too big, you wore extra socks," Gwanzura said with a laugh. "You force your feet into them if they are too small."

But those tired cleats were infinitely better than bare feet or obsolete running shoes, the typical transition footwear for soccer-playing locals just entering their teens.

As he explained all this, Gwanzura did so with great amusement.

"He has a smile on his face every day," said Marc Reeves, Radford's coach since April.

Who knows what dark memories that broad grin hides?

Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia, is a landlocked nation of 11.3 million in southeast Africa. According to the CIA's World Factbook, the average life expectancy is 45.7 years. A full 15.3 percent of the population is suffering from HIV/AIDS, the sixth-highest rate in the world. Those living in poverty constitute 68 percent. Ninety-five percent are unemployed, according to 2009 figures.

Almost 570,000 were listed as "internally displaced" as a result of political violence, human rights violations, land reform and economic collapse in 2007.
"It is difficult there," Gwanzura said.

Even more so if one must play soccer, a national obsession, while wearing cleats two sizes too small or with no shoes at all.

Thus, before a rare trip home last year, Gwanzura thought it might be nice to grab a few old pairs of cleats that he had lying around and collect a few more pairs from teammates and take them back home to give away.

"Most of the guys had two, three pairs of cleats," he said of his well-shod teammates.

What an incredible bounty.

"I took four pairs of cleats back home, and I gave them to my close friends who I had played with," Gwanzura said. "They really appreciated it. They didn't have any cleats to use."

The knocks on the door at his family dwelling started almost at once.
"Hey, man, you have any more boots?"
Then it came to him.

"I knew that there are more people like that."
When Gwanzura returned to the United States, he did what gifted 6-foot-4-inch athletes were born to do: He acted quickly and decisively.
"I came into the locker room, and I wrote on the board," he said. "'If any of you guys have some old cleats that you are not using, may you please give them to me because I would like to send them back home?'"

The shoes started rolling in. That largesse produced its own set of problems.
"He asked me if there was any way I knew he could get them shipped because he figured it would be quite expensive," Reeves said.

The coach did. The U.S. Soccer Federation has a program called Passback that collects old and "gently used" soccer gear and redistributes it to those who need it. Since 2002, more than 700,000 items have changed hands to the less-fortunate, according to the federation's website.

"I connected with Passback and told them we'd kind of like to specifically send (the cleats) back to Zimbabwe," Reeves said. "They said they sometimes do that, but we'd have to connect with Eurosport." Eurosport is a U.S.-based soccer equipment catalog company.

"Eurosport helped us out as well," Reeves said. "Whatever we can get together, they're going to ship out. Because of the NCAA, I can't pay for it and the school can't pay for it."

Then Reeves had another revelation. They'd simultaneously connect with a local action group for a collection drive to help the less fortunate in and around Radford. He met with Beans and Rice Inc. an anti-poverty agency started at Radford University in 1998. Folks there suggested a backpack drive for local schoolchildren.

Up went the collection boxes at Cupp Stadium -- shoes in one, backpacks in the other. So far, between 30 and 40 pairs of shoes have come in, along with a number of backpacks.

Brian Gwanzura Boots for Brian

"I got cleats from a friend of mine on the swimming team," Gwanzura said.
Who wears cleats on a swimming team?

Hoots of laughter -- "I don't know what she used them for."

Gwanzura's a good citizen. He's also a good midfielder.

"He's a fantastic player," said Reeves, who inherited him from previous coach Spencer Smith, now coaching the women's team at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C.

Gwanzura, a member of his country's under-17 national team as a junior in high school, led Radford with four goals and eight points last year. During the current campaign, he has one goal on 13 shots for the Highlanders (4-3-2 overall, 2-0 Big South Conference).

"He's very humble, so he probably says he's an average player, but he's not," Reeves said. "He's athletically gifted. He's 6-foot-4. He moves very well for that size kid. He has good skill on the ball and great ideas going forward. We're very fortunate to have him here at Radford."

Gwanzura connected with Radford largely through the efforts of his maternal uncle, Gladman Dimbri, a London-based coach and scout. Dimbri plays host to showcase camps in Zimbabwe that have brought other promising players to the United States.

Gwanzura had offers from Dayton University in Ohio, Winthrop and Radford, which came first. The uncle recommended Radford.

"I don't know why he did, but I am glad," the nephew said. "This is where I should be."

"There's a lot of good players from Zimbabwe," said Reeves, who worked with one when he was associate head coach at St. John's University in Queens, N.Y.

Others from Zimbabwe play in the Big South. Winthrop, for example, has a pair of freshmen, Tinotenda Chibharo and Brandon For- lemu, both from Gwanzura's city, Harare, the capital. Its population of 1.6 million is the country's largest.

There are many more soccer-booting feet where those came from.
Radford athletic director Robert Lineburg admires Gwanzura's project. When Lineburg was an assistant basketball coach for Southern Methodist University in Dallas, he took two recruiting trips to the northwest African coastal nation of Senegal. The portion of people there living below the poverty line in 2001, the last time it was measured, was 54 percent, according to CIA figures.

Lineburg, who grew up in Radford, saw want in Senegal unlike any he'd witnessed.
"They literally don't have shoes," Lineburg said. "The poverty is really amazing in places like that. I commend Brian for what he is trying to do."

Sometimes the helper needs help, especially when far from home. Gwanzura was in that position this spring when his father died of respiratory disease.

Through the efforts of a couple of assistant athletic directors at Radford -- Stephanie Ballein and Robbie Davis -- the school applied successfully for an NCAA allowance for grieving athletes and was able to send Gwanzura back to his family.

"Robbie and Stephanie worked together to arrange all the transportation to and from Zimbabwe," Lineburg said. "We thought that was absolutely the right thing to do -- to get him home.

"It meant a lot to him. It meant a lot to us that he was able to do that."
So which was worse, cleats too big or too small?

Gwanzura let loose with howls of laughter at that one. At length, he could compose himself enough to answer in his richly melodious accent.

"I want my cleats, like, tight," he said. "I would prefer not too small, but tight. But you usually do not have a choice."

Some players back home do have a choice now. Their numbers are growing.

Information from: The Roanoke Times, http://www.roanoketimes.com/

Oct 21, 2010

Top 10 Offseason Priorities for Washington Freedom

Mark Washo
UPDATE! Washington Freedom to Cease Opperations


Recently Washington Freedom President and General Manager, Mark Washo* took time out of his busy WPS offseason schedule to answer some questions from Virginia Online Soccer News.

The following is an attempt to rank the offseason goals in order of importance while giving some insight as to how Freedom management and GM Mark Washo are approaching each task.

#1 - Hire a Head Coach

Most of the 2010 WPS season was filled with drama at the coaching position for the Washington Freedom, spurred by a 10 game winless streak.

Former Chicago Red Stars head coach, Emma Hayes was brought in to assist Jim Gabarra and his staff near the end of the season. The team made the playoffs but lost its first game to Philadelphia and only  9 days later, Gabarra resigned as head coach after 10 seasons at the helm of the Freedom.

In an article by Steven Goff of Soccer Insider both Gabarra and Washo spoke about the resignation:

Said Gabarra:
At this time, I cannot continue with the current management and the irreconcilable differences that are present. There are differences, a lot of them fundamental.
I didn't think I was surprised at all, given recent events,
 club president Mark Washo told the Insider when asked about Gabarra's resignation.
The season concluded earlier than we hoped. Clearly, there was a lot of turmoil. It was a rough finish. Both sides considered things and this was the conclusion that he reached.
Without a head coach, GM Mark Washo has made the search for Gabarra’s replacement priority #1. Although this is an urgent task Washo expressed exactly how important he views this hiring. 

Washo told Virginia Online Soccer News:
The head coach position for the Washington Freedom is a very important hire. We are looking for a head coach that will not only connect with the players but will make a new stamp on the organization.
Washo was adamant about not taking any short-cuts during the hiring process.

As for who is currently being considered for the position, according to Washo it is still “wide open”. He did confirm their interest with rumored candidate April Heinrichts and that Emma Hayes is indeed a candidate as well, following her success with the team last season. All other options are being explored including unnamed college coaches.

Finally, the goal of Washo is to have a new head coach in position by the end of November.

#2 - Expansion Draft, Protected Player List

The Freedom list of unprotected players for the upcoming expansion draft was released October, 20. The three players left unprotected are: Jill Gilbeau, Beverly Goebel, and Christie Welsh.

Each WPS team had to make three players available for the draft. No team is allowed to lose more than two players and once a player is drafted, each team can protect another player.

Along with protected players, free agents may not be selected in the expansion draft.

#3 - 2011 WPS Budget

Very simply to run any business especially a sports franchise, management needs to know what type of budget they have available.

However, with league attendance down from 2009-2010 (5%) and with the economy still struggling along it is safe to assume the budgets will be lower than the previous two seasons. Just how much will not be known until the league announces the official 2011 budget.

#4 - Search for New Investors

John and Maureen Hendricks are attempting to sell their portion of the club or find partners. They have invested heavily in the Freedom for a decade and feel that the WPS is heading in a good direction and it is time for them to step aside.

Connections have been made with possible investors and the process is still ongoing.

#5 - Increase Attendance

With the expectations of a lower operating budget each team, not only the Washington Freedom, will need to be creative and find new sources of revenue. One way could be to increase attendance. Currently the Freedom is comfortable with the ticket prices and is instead focusing on where to direct their efforts to attract new fans.

#6 - Promotions

As part of their attempts to attract more fans, sell more tickets, and increase exposure as well as revenue the Freedom launched the Fight for Freedom campaign. The campaign is a social media campaign via Facebook. Follow the link to learn more and join the Fight for Freedom campaign.
#7 - Add new sponsors

One final piece of the revenue puzzle is to bring in new sponsors. Since the league eliminated its national marketing department the individual teams have been left to focus on more localized marketing.

The list of current Washington Freedom sponsors includes some bigger name companies like Papa Johns, Gieco, and Hilton as well as many local companies like Smoothie King, INOVA Health System, and the Greene Turtle restaurant.

No new sponsors were mentioned.

#8 - Sign Free Agents

The WPS website says a Start Date of WPS Free Agency Period to Be Announced Next Week. A list of WPS Free Agents is also on the website although many of the players listed have already been linked to European clubs. Former Freedom player Sonia Bompastor is set to return to her former club Olympique Lyonnais.

#9 - 2011 WPS Draft

The 2011 WPS Draft is scheduled to take place in January. Whoever the new coach end up being the 2011 Draft will quickly become a main focus but until then it is low on the priority list for the Freedom at this point.

#10 - WIN GAMES!

For most sports franchises the main goal of all the offseason activities is to build a team that will win games. Building a winning team and franchise is not an easy or quick undertaking. It takes focus, clear goals, and support. Mark Washo has started that process by resigning the face of the Freedom, Abby Wambach.

The first move is picking the right coach to lead this new Freedom team. Then together the coach and management will be exploring the free agent market and available players overseas as well as trying to select the best available talent in the upcoming draft.

Fans, players, and management will have to wait until at least the beginning of the 2011 WPS season to see if the moves of this offseason were the right ones.

* Mark Washo also serves on the Board of Directors for DC Scores as well as being the founder of MMW Marketing LLC. Mark is also the Author of the book: 'Break into Sports Through Ticket Sales'.

Oct 20, 2010

Abby Wambach Returning to Wasington Freedom

Today the Washington Freedom officially announced they have excercised their option to retain US Women's National team member Abby Wambach.

Abby Wambach Washington Freedom
photo property of: womensprosoccer.com

Official Press Release Below:

Freedom Come to Terms With Eight Players Prior to 2010 WPS Expansion Draft

BOYDS, MD (Oct. 20, 2010)—Washington Freedom has begun the process of building the 2011 roster by coming to terms with eight players, including exercising the option for Freedom veteran and US Women’s National team forward, Abby Wambach.

“Abby has been an incredible team leader both on and off the field and is the ‘face’ of our franchise,” said Freedom President and General Manager Mark Washo. “We are excited she will be back with us in 2011!”

In the 2010 season, Wambach led the team with 13 goals and 8 assists, making her one of the league leaders in Women’s Professional Soccer.

“I’m looking forward to the 2011 season with Washington Freedom. It’s going to be an exciting year for women’s soccer with the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup and third year for Women’s Pro Soccer,” said Wambach.

Freedom has also come to terms with Nikki Marshall, Becky Sauerbrunn, Kristi Eveland, Jill Gilbeau, Beverly Goebel, Christie Welsh, and Erin McLeod.

“Washington Freedom has grown through the years with some of the most loyal fans of the sport. I’m excited to play in front of them again when the 2011 WPS season kicks off.” Wambach added.

The eight players Freedom have come to terms with are listed as either protected or unprotected in the 2010 WPS Expansion Draft. <http://www.womensprosoccer.com/Home/dc/news/press_releases/101019-expansion-draft.aspx>  The protected player lists, along with Freedom free agents list will be released to the public after 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 20.


Oct 19, 2010

Virginia Soccer player - Meghan Lenczyk Named ACC Player of the Week

CHARLOTTESVILLE Virginia senior forward Meghan Lenczyk (McLean, Va.) was named the ACC Player of the Week, conference officials announced Tuesday. Lenczyk, who scored three goals last week in wins over Duke and Wake Forest, received the honor for the third time this season.

Lenczyk becomes just the third player in ACC history to be named Player of the Week three times in a season. She joins former North Carolina legends Mia Hamm (four times in 1992) and Debbie Keller (three times in 1995) as the only players to accomplish the feat. Lenczyk’s four career awards tie Angela Hucles’ school-record for most career ACC Player of the Week honors.

In Virginia’s 2-0 win over Duke, Lenczyk scored both goals in the final 10 minutes of the game. The first was her league-leading sixth game-winning goal of the season. Against Wake Forest, she scored the first goal in the Cavaliers’ 2-1 victory.

Fox College Sports - Meghan Lenczyk

Lenczyk now has a career-high 12 goals on the season, ranking second in the conference. Her 36 career goals ranks third in school history.

The No. 7 Cavaliers (10-3-1, 4-2-0 ACC) return to action when they visit No. 10 Florida State (11-3-0, 5-1-0 ACC) on Thursday night. The game will be televised live by SunSports.  

US Youth Soccer to host Soccer Fiesta in Springfield, VA

soccer across america logo

Soccer Fiesta

Saturday October 23, 2010
Franconia Park, Field #4
6432 Bowie Drive
Springfield, VA
From 4:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.

US Youth Soccer's Soccer Across America is teaming up with VYSA and Springfield Youth Club to provide an opportunity for yout players ages 5-17 and their families to enjoy a day of soccer, music, food, and prizes.

The Soccer Across America program is designed to introduce the sport of soccer to youngsters living in communities not yet served by existing clubs and leagues. Focused on making soccer available to lower-income children in underserved communities, Soccer Across America provides soccer training and administrative guidance to players and organizations who might otherwise not be exposed to the sport.

Soccer Across America also helps new programs find the funding and equipment to begin and then to expand their activities. In the past several years, US Youth Soccer has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial and material support to programs across the United States.

SYC Soccer Logo

  • This event is FREE and for participants ages 5–17
  • All participants will receive prizes/gifts
  • Food for all participants
  • Music provided from a DJ
  • Come with your family and have fun!!

Meet Washington Freedom Mascot - Glory

 *For more information, call Marcelo Gangotena 703-861-2580

Sábado 23 de octubre 2010
Franconia Park, Field #4
6432 Bowie Drive
Springfield, VA
Desde las 4:00 p.m. hasta las 7:00 p.m.

  •  Este evento es GRATIS y para participantes entre 8–17
  • Todos los participantes recibirán premios/regalos
  • Comida para los participantes
  • Musica con DJ
  • Ven con tu familia y diviértete
*Para más información llamar a Marcelo Gangotena 703.861.2580

Oct 18, 2010

Virginia College Soccer - Weekend Update!

Virginia College Soccer - Weekend Update!

University of Virginia

Cavalier Women’s Soccer Downs Wake Forest 2-1:

The No. 8 Virginia women's soccer team reached the 10-win mark for the 24th consecutive season as it topped Wake Forest 2-1 Sunday afternoon at Klöckner Stadium. Despite playing with 10 players for over 77 minutes, the Cavaliers recorded the victory to improve to 10-3-1 (4-2-0 ACC). The Demon Deacons fell to 10-5-1 overall and 4-2-1 in the ACC.

Overtime Goal Lifts No. 3 Cavaliers To 2-1 Win Over Hokies:

The third-ranked Virginia men's soccer team rallied from a goal down to earn a 2-1 overtime victory over visiting Virginia Tech on Friday night at Klöckner Stadium. Junior defender Greg Monaco (Virginia Beach, Va.) had the game-winning goal in the 92nd minute to lift UVa to victory.

George Mason University

Marquez Steps Up Again as Men's Soccer Tops James Madison:

The George Mason men's soccer team continued to ride the hot foot of Ernesto Marquez on Saturday as the redshirt senior who had a goal and two assists on Wednesday had a goal and two assists on Saturday as the Patriots beat James Madison, 3-0. It's the second straight match in which the Patriots beat a team ranked in the top 40 in the RPI.

Alston's Big Game Lifts Women's Soccer on Senior Day:

The George Mason women's soccer team said goodbye to four seniors on Sunday afternoon and one of them had a match to remember as Capricia Alston scored a pair of goals as the Patriots beat second-place Georgia State, 2-0. With the win, Mason improved to 9-6-1 on the year, 5-3-0 in Colonial Athletic Association action. Georgia State fell to 11-4-2, 5-2-1.

Virginia Tech

Hokies drop overtime heartbreaker to No. 6 Virginia:

After leading for 76 minutes, the Hokies fell victim to a late rally by Virginia, extending into overtime, where the Cavaliers eventually defeated Tech, 2-1. Virginia Tech is now 4-8-1 on the season, 1-3-1 in ACC play.

No. 25 Hokies fall to No. 23 Duke, 3-0:

The No. 25 Virginia Tech women’s soccer team ended its three-game unbeaten streak, falling to No. 23 Duke, 3-0, at Thompson Field. This is just the second time this season that the Hokies have been shutout; both instances have been in conference play.


Radford Remains Undefeated at Home; Cruises 5-0 past Winthrop:

Iyiola Awosika (London, England / Aylesbury Grammar) scored a pair of goals, Anthony Payne (Manassas, Va. / Osbourn Park) netted one of his own and set up two more as Radford cruised by Winthrop, 5-0, in Big South men’s soccer action Saturday evening at Cupp Stadium.

MSOC: Winthrop at Radford (10-16-10) from Radford Highlanders on Vimeo.

Women's Soccer falls to Gardner-Webb, 2-1:

Sophomore Mary Wiley (Radford, Va./Radford) netted a strike in the fourth minute, but the Highlanders fell 2-1 against Gardner-Webb Sunday afternoon at Greene-Harbison Field.

Old Dominion University

Four Freshman and a Sophomore lead ODU over TOWSON, 4-1:

Old Dominion sophomore Jordan LeBlanc (Haverford, PA.) along with freshmen Alex Vaughan (Va. Beach, VA), Gideon Asante (Sunyani, Ghana) and Placide Buduri (San Antonio, TX.), each scored a goal to lead ODU men's soccer to a 4-1 CAA victory over Towson Saturday night. Fellow freshman Tim Hopkinson (Nottingham, England) assisted on two goals.

Hofstra Rallies past Lady Monarchs, 3-1;

Kate Kelly gave Old Dominion University women's soccer an early lead but it wasn't enough as the Lady Monarchs fell to No. 23 Hofstra 3-1, Sunday afternoon at ODU Soccer Stadium.

William & Mary

#20 Tribe Runs Unbeaten Streak to Six with 1-0 Win over VCU:

The #20-ranked William and Mary Tribe men’s soccer team continued its six-match unbeaten streak, while winning its fourth straight in knocking off the Rams of VCU, 1-0, on Saturday night as part of Crapolfest at Martin Family Stadium at Albert-Daly Field.

Mallory Schaffer’s Second Half Goal Propels Tribe to 1-0 Victory over Northeastern:

The William and Mary Tribe women’s soccer team earned a hard-fought, 1-0 victory over the Northeastern Huskies on Sunday afternoon at Martin Family Stadium at Albert-Daly Field. With the win, the Tribe improves its record on the season to 8-6-2 overall and to 4-3-1 in the CAA, while the Huskies fall to 7-7-1 and to 2-5-1 in conference play.

2011 Men's Soccer Division I - Virginia College Commitments

With the 2010 NCAA Soccer season winding down the nations High School Seniors are already commiting to the colleges and universities of their choice. In High School gyms and cafeterias the top recruits are announcing where they will be "taking their talents to" (fill in school name here).

NCAA Men's Soccer Logo

ESPN RISE Article by: Sheldon Shealer - CLICK HERE

Below is a list of commitments for division I men's college soccer programs in the state of Virginia.

Name Pos. Hometown High School Club
Kyle Beach MF/F Haymarket, Va. Battlefield GFA
R.J. Best MF Lorton, Va. South County McLean Youth Soccer
Ramzi Dridi F/MF Falls Church, Va. JEB Stuart Annandale Boys & Girls
Daniel O'Keefe D Alexandria, Va. Bishop Ireton Annandale Boys & Girls
Dario Redondo MF Woodbridge, Va. Gar-Field DC United Academy
Nicholas Valencia MF Springfield, Va. Robert E. Lee McLean Youth Soccer
Davis Weidow MF/D McKinney, Texas McKinney Solar SC
Jake Weiss D Arlington, Va. DC United Academy
Name Pos. Hometown High School Club
Timmy Albright F Richmond, Va. Collegiate Richmond Strikers Academy
Nick Butler D/MF Bedminster, N.J. Bernards NJSA 04
Sean Baker MF Allentown, Pa. Salisbury FC Revolution
Oliver Murphy Washington Crossing, Pa. Pennington School (N.J.) NJSA 04
Name Pos. Hometown High School Club
Eric Bird MF Virginia Beach, Va. Frank Cox Beach FC
Matt Brown D Charlotte, N.C. South Mecklenburg Charlotte Soccer Academy
Will Hare D/MF Roanoke, Va. Hidden Valley Roanoke Star
Matthew Mills MF Greensboro, N.C. Page North Carolina Fusion
Spencer LaCivita GK Raleigh, N.C. Millbrook CASL Chelsea Academy
Chris Somerville F West Chester, Pa. Unionville FC Delco
Kyler Sullivan D Stafford, Va. North Stafford Arlington Venom
Ryan Zinkhan F Va. Riverbend Richmond Strikers
Name Pos. Hometown High School Club
Jack Bates D Richmond, Va. Thomas Dale Richmond Strikers
Oliver Flood D Roanoke, Va. Patrick Henry Roanoke Star
Name Pos. Hometown High School Club
Chris Livingston D/MF Rye, N.Y. Rye New York SC
Name Pos. Hometown High School Club
Jahti Anderson F Ga. Decatur NASA
Hunter Byrnes F/MF Virginia Beach, Va. Frank Cox Beach FC
Drew Hartell F/MF Virginia Beach, Va. Frank Cox Beach FC
Kevin Reitzel MF Ashburn, Va. Broad Run McLean Academy
Ryan Schmidt GK Catlett, Va. Kettle Run NVSC Junior Royals
Ben Strong MF Mendham, N.J. West Morris Mendham FC Copa Forza
Mike Wilkie F Harrison City, Pa. Penn-Trafford Beadling FC
Name Pos. Hometown High School Club
Chris Albiston D Virginia Beach, Va. Frank Cox
Josh West F Stafford, Va. Arlington SC

Oct 15, 2010

Washington Freedom Participates in "Let's Move!" campaign on the White House South Lawn

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Excerpt From: acelebrationofwomen.org

October 13, 2010
On Thursday, Major League Soccer, the U.S. Bid Committee, the U.S. Soccer
Foundation and D.C.’s professional soccer teams, DC United and Washington
Freedom played with 130 students from the Washington area in soccer drills for
60 minutes with a much needed apple and water break at the end. We had great fun
here, so how about you organize a clinic for the kids where you live? All you
need is a field, some balls, some adults and a whole bunch of kids willing to
move for 60 minutes of play. What are you waiting for?

Learn about the Let's Move! campaign: