Jan 30, 2012

Borislow responds to WPS Suspension, casts doubt on legal fees excuse

Virginia Online Soccer News reached out to Dan Borislow, owner of the magicJack team that has been battling with the WPS since he purchased the former Washington Freedom club.  Borislow is currently taking a lot of blame via social media outlets concerning his perceived role in today's announcement by the WPS that it will suspend the 2012 season.

"We firmly believe there is a place in the global sports landscape for Women's Professional Soccer," said WPS CEO Jennifer O'Sullivan.  "Making the decision to suspend the 2012 season was a difficult and painful one, but it is necessary to take the time to address current issues and solidify our business in order to provide appropriate support needed to achieve the League's long-term goals. Those that take part in our League - players, partners and fans - deserve the best, and that is what we are taking the time to ensure we deliver when we resume play in 2013 and beyond."

In response to the news of the suspension of the 2012 WPS season Dan Borislow said:

"I still expect the WPS to live up to their agreement they made with us and recorded with the Judge a few weeks ago. I was also under the impression that Pal Fulmer, their lawyer, was donating her time or making a contribution to offset any legal expenses of the league. If the league follows through with our deal, I can't imagine why there would be legal expenses. I hope to still put a team together but have to see what happens with a residency camp. magicJack stays committed to helping the US add another Gold medal to it's inventory. We will do practically anything to help the Women achieve this."

Do you believe that the WPS is attempting to use Borislow as a scape goat and try to place the blame of failure to successfully launch the 2012 season squarely on the shoulder of the magicJack owner?