Nov 1, 2010

BREAKING NEWS! Washington Freedom to Cease Opperations

The website: is reporting that two more WPS franchises have folded. The Washington Freedom as well as defending champion FC Gold Pride.

Washington Freedom Logo

Sadley for the WPS for the second season in a row the defending champion team will not be around to defend their title.

I may have seen this coming from FC Gold Pride due to their geographic location on the west coast when all other WPS teams are aligned more closely to the east coast but the Washington Freedom folding is somewhat of a surprise.

I just recently spoke with Freedom GM Mark Washo for the story regarding their top offseason priorities and other than the fact that the current owners where looking to sell their ownership there was no indication given that the team was in perril. In fact they had just resigned star forward Abby Wambach.

Is this the last hope for the WPS? And what where the owners of the newest expansion franchise in Western New York thinking when they decided to join the league.

*UPDATE - Nov. 2, The Washington Freedom released an official response:

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