Jun 20, 2013

Giveaway :: Soccer Confidence: CD Program


VASoccerNews is giving away a copy of 'Soccer Confidence: CD and Workbook' (4 CD and Workbook Program) courtesy of Soccer Psychology Tips.

Soccer Confidence CD

CD Program info:

A soccer specific mental training workbook and CD program designed to teach soccer players how to perform with confidence, composure, and focus in training and competition. This program is also great for coaches and parents who want to learn how help their players be mentally tough on and off the field. The program includes a workbook and 4 CD’s that will give players the tools they need to take their game to the next level. In addition, the program comes with 5 free bonus programs.

You might be the most skilled player on your team and train harder or longer than anyone else, but if self-doubt enters your mind prior to or during competition, you simply will not reach your true potential in soccer.

FAQ: “Soccer Confidence: CD and Workbook Program”

If you are ready to improve your mental toughness and perform with ultimate self-confidence in games, we have a program that will do just that. Your soccer mental game experts Jaki Hitzelberger, MA, MGCP and Dr. Patrick Cohn want to share with you powerful mental strategies to help you (or your team) perform your best in practice and games…

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