Feb 15, 2013

The Audacity of Hope...Solo

By Chris Wimmer

This past Christmas I received a copy of 'A Memoir of Hope' which I was eager to read. Now, I am not an expert book reviewer but am a huge soccer fan and supporter of women's soccer so this book seemed to be right up my alley with regards to reading.

It did not take long for a certain theme to emerge - Hope Solo vs the world! Now I know she has been an easy target for her many outbursts via social media (Twitter) and this is not in any way a direct response to those since I believe all athletes should have at least one venue to respond to media and fans without having it held against them. They are people after all with emotions and reactions. The theme that comes across after each one of Hope Solo's stories is that she is misunderstood and therefore the whole world (at least the whole soccer and sports world) is out to get her and is intent on making it nearly impossible for Hope to become as successful as she believes she can and should be.

Yes, every successful athlete has had to overcome some sort of barrier or obstacle on the way to the top but maybe it is time for Hope Solo to take a good long look in the mirror and ask herself  "Am I the victim or the instigator?".

Many highly respected people come under attack in the memoir and the reader would have to wonder if so many of these people where not who they seemed to be or rather if Hope Solo is simply an insecure yet extremely gifted athlete that could have benefited from a mentor during her journey to becoming the top women's goalkeeper in the world.

Overall the book 'A Memoir of Hope' was a decent read even if I often found myself wishing I could hear the other side to many of the events revisited in her memoir. I would also question the benefit and motives of writing this type of book. Does Hope Solo see the writing on the wall that she will soon be irrelevant in the sport she loves, similar to the way she felt the '99ers where? 

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