Jul 16, 2012

Help Former Virginia ODP Coach Kick Cancer

Timothy Lucas was the Head GK Coach for the Girls Northern District ODP and has coached many other clubs and schools throughout Northern Virginia. Lucas is currently battling cancer and some former students of Mr. Lucas took it upon themselves to help out this great mentor and coach by creating a Facebook page to help raise funds to pay for the rising cost of his cancer treatments.
Information about the cause:
He is currently winning the fight, but will start radiation in July to destroy the remaining cancer in his shoulders and rib cage. He has Stage 4 non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, but he's a fighter.

Despite his high spirits, we all know that money can be a devastating factor in any situation.

Tim Lucas
Tim Lucas
 This said, I know Mr. Lucas, and he is not the type of person that asks for money, so as a former student and friend of his, I would personally like to ask you to help him and his family cover the cost of his medical bills. Medical costs are expensive, but any help is still help.

Mr. Lucas has been, and still is, a colossal inspiration to me and many. Whether it was an academic or life lesson, he has positively influenced me for years. Facebook couldn't hold amount of lessons Mr. Lucas has taught me, but ONE thing he taught me is that if you put your mind to it, you can overcome any hardship.

And if we come together as family and friends, I believe that helping Mr. Lucas and his wonderful family cover the costs of his treatment, will be a walk in the park.


-YOU CAN SEND CHECKS to their address! (In the "check memo" write "Cancer Donation")

Address:13 Banner Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

-You can also DONATE THROUGH PAYPAL! Just send a paypal payment as a "gift" to "tlucas19@gmail.com".