Mar 7, 2012

Kickers new logo: Good or Bad?

In what has become a somewhat regular occurrence for professional and sudo-professional sports clubs, the Richmond Kickers have released a new logo. The launch is part of the celebration of the 20-year history of the Kickers organization.

At first glance I couldn't help notice the "K" (for Kickers obviously) in the center of the new logo looks as if it where made from pinball paddles. What do you think? Overall, I feel the new logo is no better or worse than the previous logo, it was designed to replace, which was admittedly outdated. But you have to wonder how much thought actually went into it's design. Yes there was an explanation provided by the design firm, yogg,  in a nifty PDF file providing certain aspects that influenced the creation of the Red Pinball "K" logo, however is this really the best they could do?

According to the official press release announcing the launch of the new logo, it is a combination of symbolic elements to reflect the distinct history, culture and tradition of the Richmond Kickers, as well as the vision for the organization.

The "K" is apparently supposed to remind us of  the motion of exploding soccer balls. Maybe we are supposed to stare at it like those old 3-D posters from the 1990's? Design firm yogg also created a custom Richmond Kickers font that they say combines elements of the club’s innovation and visionary approach to the sport with the industrial grit of the city's past. Doesn't it look a bit Western? See here and here.

It seems like Richmond Kickers President, Rob Ukrop is happy with the new design saying:

“We strive to create a strong, vibrant connection to our region through our exceptional youth programming and our nationally renowned professional team,” added Ukrop.  “Our leadership team believes the club’s modern re-branding embraces the next 20 years and the second generation of fans and players.  We now have a unique, identifiable logo that rivals any soccer club in the world.”

I am a huge proponent of The Richmond Kickers organization and believe it is a tremendous asset to the local community and state of Virginia. Nothing exemplifies their commitment to the youth of their community more than the recent news of their cost-free academy program.

My opinion about the new logo is in no way an attack on the club, it's just an opinion. Some may agree and some may think I am completely wrong but that is the benefit of writing for my own blog. After all, it could be worse.