Jan 10, 2012

2012 SYA Cardinal Cup gets an Upgrade

The Richmond Strikers, a long established club in Virginia with a rich history in soccer are bringing 20 teams to the 2012 Cardinal Cup. 

"This is a natural fit for two strong clubs to get together at a great event." says Tournament Director Steve Lovgren.  The Cardinal Cup continues to grow and attract teams to the SYA name and brand. 

"From the top down, we are succeeding at providing high quality for all our teams and events.  We are glad to have the Richmond Strikers be a part of this quality tournament.".

Along with the Strikers, the Dynamo Soccer Club has also agreed to bring 20 teams to the Cardinal Cup in 2012.

SYA Cardinal Cup Switching to GotSoccer Registration

Commonwealth Soccer Programs has switched three major tournaments to the Gotsoccer online sport support system, combining items such as college recruiting, guest player registration, referee management and tournament management in one database. Featuring these top tournaments of the CSP tournament series on the Gotsoccer system is exciting for not only CSP, but for teams interested in playing in these Virginia tournaments. Schedules and scores are automatically posted for teams, and a ranking system is implemented to better match competition. Also, individuals that want to register as a guest player for these tournaments can now do so through the GotSoccer system.

“With the rapid growth of our tournaments, switching the Capital Cup, Cardinal Cup and the Commonwealth Classic is the next step in expanding our tournaments to their potential,” said Tournament Director Steve Lovgren. CSP hopes to attract more teams with accurately competitive bracketing within the ranking system, availability for college coaches and streamlined registration with the online system.