May 6, 2011

BRYC Announces the Elite Performance Academy

Braddock Road Youth Club Soccer announced today that it is implementing a new program specifically targeted toward developing the female soccer player who is intent on playing soccer in college. The new program, known as the BRYC Elite Performance Academy, has a goal of 100% of its participants being recruited to play in college. “Our plan is to develop, showcase and prepare each Academy participant for success in college - both on and off the field,” says Larry Best, the program’s director. Best, a 29 year coaching veteran, is currently the coach of BRYC 95 Elite, a successful, nationally ranked Under 15 girls’ soccer team based in Annandale.

Unique to this program is the fact that the expenses typically associated with club and academy soccer, such as uniforms and training gear, club fees, coaching fees, league and state association fees, as well as tournament fees, will be funded by NCAA compliant means. Remaining available funds will be used to subsidize training, college tours and camps, academic assistance, travel and lodging expenses and other elements of individualized development plans for each player. “We’re interested in appealing to the player that is highly motivated, disciplined, respectful, accountable and dedicated to the sport and our team-centric approach,” adds Best. “It’s not for everyone -- this is a full-time, year-round program that will require a player’s commitment and passion for the sport.”

The program hinges on an individual development plan for each player that starts with a player’s objectives, followed by a written plan developed for achieving these objectives. Each player’s plan will include technical and tactical training, strength and conditioning, speed and agility training, as well as academic assistance. The plans also consider how each participant can best manage her time to achieve her objectives and be at peak performance level when exposed to college coaches in showcase tournaments and camps. Prior to NCAA recruiting eligibility ages, Best introduced his players to college coaches and arranged campus visits for his players to a number of colleges, including University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, Princeton University, Wake Forest University, William & Mary, University of Richmond, Washington & Lee, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Military Institute, and James Madison University. Elite Performance Academy participants will benefit from coordinated college visits, connections to college coaches, and guidance throughout the college recruiting process and selection.

While the program is now formally underway, Best is uniquely qualified to start and oversee this program.He has helped develop a number of players who have gone on to college, professional and national team careers. He has also established relationships with high profile college coaches, Hall of Fame coaches, and even coaches of current and former Men’s and Women’s National Teams. Following a recent showcase tournament, one Division 1 Head Women’s Soccer Coach wrote: “I really enjoyed watching your team do it “Barca” style. I don’t get to see enough good soccer in my recruiting, so thanks. Unfortunately, I saw your game early in the day, so the rest of the day was all downhill. Your kids are pure soccer players, I really appreciate that.”

Interested players are encouraged to contact Larry Best at (703)587-3379 or  to schedule an opportunity to train with the team, or attend formal tryouts.

For more specific information about the Elite Performance Academy, click HERE